Technology offers strategies for reaching people where they hang out, day or night. So, what makes direct mail a marketing strategy you need? We like to get mail. It feels more thoughtful. But, the power of direct mail goes beyond a feel-good moment at the end of the driveway.

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Old School Still Impresses

We tend to think, “out with the old, in with the new”. The shinier strategy captures the eye, right? Not true with direct mail. This tried-and-true marketing tool still gets attention and leads to conversions. Consumers prefer direct mail to email. They find it more personal, clearer, more professional and more enjoyable.

Longevity Equals Trust

The flurry of ads on digital media proves overwhelming. Who are all these people? Sure, you recognize the Nike brand. But, what are the other businesses? Click bait and misinformation lead us to mistrust digital marketing. We learn to mentally filter or ignore most of what we see. Direct mail arrives through rain, sleet, snow and dark of night. Inherently, people trust it.

Direct Mail Gets Opened

Email and other digital media run the risk of being ignored, deleted or blocked. Increasing click rates and open rates proves an ongoing goal of marketing strategies. But, most direct mail gets opened. People open their mail. (Maybe it goes back to direct mail feeling more personal and enjoyable.) Colorful images and a relevant message grab consumer attention.

Senses Lead the Charge

Print media gives consumers something to interact with, to touch, to see. The senses cement brands in a buyer’s memory. Consider the last catalog you received. Even if the product did not interest you, likely you took a quick peek through the pages. The tactile qualities of direct mail entice consumers.

Targeting Benefits Everyone

National brands and small businesses can tackle direct mail targeting. Hitting the right audience at the right time is not left for the algorithms alone. Sending mail to those likely to engage proves profitable on both platforms. You can figure this out. Do your research, and you boost the response rate to your direct mail efforts.

Mail Ends Up on the Fridge

Digital ads disappear. While they may come around again (and again), they give you nothing to hold in your grasp. Out-of-sight equals out-of-mind. Direct mail lands on the counter, stops at the table or magnets to the fridge. People hold onto it. It stays on their minds. And, it continues to grab attention and call consumers to take action.

Print Media Produces Action

Consumers like what they can touch. Oversized postcards get consumers to spend. And, so do other forms of print media. Holding that mailer means greater brand recall and a strong return on investment. Yes, greater than digital. Why? Experts suggest it is because print media requires less cognitive effort to process. In short, it’s a no-brainer.

Measurement as Easy as 1-2-3

No analytics required. No technology degree needed. What you need to know to measure direct mail efforts you learned in kindergarten. You simply need to count. How many people redeemed your in-mail coupon? How many calls did you get from your last mailing?

Costs You Can Count On

Postage rates may suggest direct mail racks up higher costs than digital advertising. But, bulk mail rates offer an economical and targeted option. And, direct mail brings a greater return on investment than its digital counterparts.

Picture It …

Imagine two scenarios:

  1. On a work break, you sit with your mobile device checking your inbox. An ad appears next to a work email. Let’s say you click on it. But then, a text comes in. Another email pings. You receive two in-app notifications. So much commands your attention. You never do get back to that ad. To clear the clutter, you simply “delete”.
  2. After work, once you tuck the kids in bed, you grab a cup of coffee. The stack of mail begs you to sort through it. It’s a welcome diversion from a digital day. You take the time to glance at each piece. A pile forms of the ones you want to look at again. Tonight? Tomorrow? You will revisit the pile. Relevant mailers get stuck to the fridge. Coupons go in your wallet.

The power of the mailbox at the end of the drive holds fast, even in a digital age. And, it looks like this old-school marketing tool will not die out anytime soon. Nearly half of all millennials spend twice the time (of any age group) sorting and reading mail. Direct mail works. Keep it in your marketing toolkit.

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