Technology is everywhere these days. If you fail to use it to enhance your business you will be doomed to fall behind your competition. Although the restaurant business is extremely people-driven, technology like chatbots can help keep a restaurant up to date and ahead of the curve. Here are some great ways you can use chatbots to improve your restaurant.

What is a Chatbot?

Before you can put chatbots to use in your restaurant, you need to know exactly what they are. A chatbot is a software program that interacts with people through a live chat program on your website or a messaging app. They are ideal for helping people interact with your brand without needing an actual human to get it done. Instead, the chatbot uses a script that is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. So, the chatbot can automatically respond to an action or event.

Revamp Your Reservation System

Taking reservations from customers can be an extensive and time-consuming task. Also, when a human is in charge of scheduling reservations, it is inevitable that mistakes will happen, which can result in unhappy customers. But, when you turn the reservation system over to a chatbot, you can communicate with customers more quickly, as they do not have to wait for someone to answer a phone. Plus, the chatbot can complete the entire reservation process more quickly, efficiently and accurately than one of your employees can.

Streamline Promotions

Special promotions are a great marketing tool for getting customers into your restaurant. But, creating an email campaign and blasting it out to all of your subscribers can be a daunting task that any restaurant owner or manager is likely too busy to execute. Using a chatbot can streamline the process and turn your email list back into the awesome marketing tool that it was always intended to be. A chatbot can engage customers who have not visited your restaurant in a long time and provide them with new deals and exclusive offers. Chatbots can also easily recognize regular customers and send them special offers via email, Facebook Messenger or a text message.

Simplify your Takeout and Delivery Systems

Today’s consumers thrive on convenience in all aspects of their lives. Many people enjoy restaurant food but either do not have the time to spend at a sit-down restaurant, or they simply would rather eat at home. So, your delivery and takeout systems need to be on point, and chatbots can help you accomplish that goal by making the process quick and easy. Chatbots allow for online ordering, which is a quick process that reduces the possibility of mistakes happening. It also eliminates the need of having a staff member working the phones as new orders come in. Employee’s time can be better spent on other tasks in the restaurant. You can also implement a delivery tracking system with a chatbot that will enable customers to know about the status of their delivery order without having to call to check up on it.

Make Food Recommendations

At the end of the day, your restaurant is all about its food and your customers. You can use a chatbot to help bring the two together. It is easy for your staff to help explain daily specials to in-house customers. But, it can be difficult for your workers to go beyond that, especially with the restrictions many people have with their diets these days. You can expect that a good number of your customers will come in asking about possible options on the menu that accommodate vegetarian and vegan diets, those who are looking for foods that do not contain gluten, those who have food allergies and any number of other restrictions. You cannot assume your staff can remember all the dishes that fall into the various categories. However, a chatbot can help you make the options clear to customers. Not only can a chatbot help customers know which menu items they can choose, but they can also let customers know which food pairings go well together.

Keep up to Date on Your Feedback

Today’s digital age makes it easy for your customers to provide feedback about their dining experiences at your restaurant. It is crucial to keep up with the feedback and address as much of it as you can. However, that feat can be difficult when you are trying to run a successful restaurant. Thankfully, you can use a chatbot to get it done with practically no effort. Chatbots can send reminders to customers to leave feedback and then provide appropriate feedback.

Running a restaurant is hard work, and you should take any help you can get. Implementing chatbots for various tasks in your restaurant is a great step in the right direction. They can streamline various processes and free-up employees’ time, so they can focus on other necessary tasks. If you own or manage a restaurant and would like more information on how chatbots can help you run your business, contact us today.

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