Tom Lehmann

Tom Lehmann, known by his moniker “The Dough Doctor,” is a legendary baking and dough consultant. For almost 50 years, Tom served as a Food Scientist at the American Institute of Baking (AIB). In addition to this, Tom also penned occasional articles for the AIB and monthly articles for both PMQ Pizza Magazine and Bellissimo Foods News Letter.

In his free time, Tom enjoys consulting, fishing, hunting, and woodworking.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Tom Lehmann shares some of his dough-making expertise—and reveals the secret to creating a perfect pizza crust
  • Tom’s ultimate guide to pizza oven manufacturers
  • Tom’s views on pizza toppings: pre-cooking, freeze-drying, cheese placement, and more!
  • Why black pizza pans are better than silver pans
  • The keys to creating flavorful pizza sauce: peel-on tomatoes and uncooked tomato sauce

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Episode Transcript

Prologue  0:03

This is TheAlways Direct Podcast. And we talk with movers and shakers in this world to learn about the ups and downs they went through to get where they are now, let’s get started with the show.

John Rayyan  0:16

My name is John Rayyan and I am the host of The Always Direct Podcast. I have a special guest today. For anybody who does anything in the pizza business, the bakery world, or anything to do with dough at all. I have the famous Tom Lehmann, aka The Dough Doctor. How are you, Tom?

Tom Lehmann  0:37

I am just great this morning, John.

John Rayyan  0:39

Tom, you are you’ve been writing articles. And we have been writing articles and diagnosing dough problems. Since 1967, if I’m not mistaken, is that true?

Tom Lehmann  0:57

That’s correct.

John Rayyan  0:59

So what are you doing these days right now?

Tom Lehmann  1:02

Only 27 years ago, I retired from the American Institute of Baking, where I put in almost 50 years. And since my retirement, I’ve been a consultant, a fisherman, a deer hunter, a woodworker, and a carpenter, all rolled into one main love is consulting. For the food industry. That’s what I’ve done my most, most of my life. And I continue to do it into my retirement,

John Rayyan  1:33

who are a type of clients, they call you

Tom Lehmann  1:36

all types. I mean, I work from with small mom and pops to small regional chains. I work with a large wholesale frozen manufactures out right now I’m presently working with two of the big box chains. And

John Rayyan  1:57

and what are the what? What’s the first What’s the name of your company and a website?

Tom Lehmann  2:03

Just for the audience? Dough Doctor Consulting, Dough Doctor Consulting. And My website is

John Rayyan  2:13

Excellent. Okay, great. So So these people, these companies, these regional locations, these large box companies, these small mom and pops, why are they call you most of the time,

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