Kelsey Bratcher

Kelsey Bratcher is an automation, funnels, and systems and processes expert. He is the Owner of Hired Gun Solutions LLC, where he helps entrepreneurs change their lives—and the lives of those around them—through Infusionsoft and Marketing Automation.

In addition to this, Kelsey is also the Co-founder of Automatic Practice Profits and the host of the Get Automated Podcast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kelsey Bratcher talks about his career transition from Papa John’s delivery to marketing automation at Infusionsoft
  • How restaurants can utilize funnels and automation to create compelling marketing strategies
  • What is more effective for drawing in customers: social media advertisements or direct mail fliers?
  • Kelsey reveals how advertisers and business owners can use big data to target customers through their IP addresses
  • The secrets to using your POS system to drive repeat sales

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Episode Transcript

Prologue  0:03

This is the Always Direct Podcast. And we talk with movers and shakers in this world to learn about the ups and downs they went through to get where they are now, let’s get started with the show.

John Rayyan  0:16

My name is John Rayyan. I’m the host of the Always Direct Podcast. And today we have a great guest on his name is Kelsey. He is the owner of the He’s an automation specialist. Thanks for coming on the show.

Kelsey Bratcher  0:31

Yeah, absolutely. John, thanks for having me. Last week, we had we had a brief conversation. Well, it wasn’t brief, we were on the phone for a couple hours if I recall. But we got to talking about automation and like kind of some of the stuff that you’re doing.

John Rayyan  0:46

Yeah, yeah. I mean, first time I talked to you never talked to before, I felt like at the end of the conversation, we’re long lost friends, we were talking for so much, I saw so much about so many different industries is I could just tell right away, that your knowledge of automation and turning turning businesses into a much easier process was quite astounding to be honest with you.

Kelsey Bratcher  1:07

What I mean, I’ve spent, it’s interesting, because like, my career has been a little bit. I was, I wouldn’t say colorful. But you know, when I graduated high school, I started delivering pizza to Papa John’s franchise, I got in a car accident, and I needed to get a job. And so luckily, the GM at the store that I was at, he said that we needed shift leaders. And so I went and I got went to the little new, they have a new hire like new manager training. It’s like a month long process where you go and you learn the ops manual. And all the ins and outs of how the pizza place works from like a shift leader perspective. And so I got to play around with the software, I understand how inventory works, and how labor works, and all these different aspects kind of go hand in hand. But I had been going to school for technology at the time and parlayed into like my customer service experience, I guess, working into Papa John’s answering the phone of selling this shit out of some cheese sticks and some two liters. Whether they’re, you know, they’re extra larges, you know, parlayed me into a career that I had in a call center where I was, you know, doing tech support in the beginning, but by the time I was done, which kind of feeds into my other background, it’s a little bit weird, but I started designing call flows. So like when somebody answers the phone, and you have a kind of like a flowchart of like, how you should feel that phone call. And it reminded me of like, when I was doing calls, answering the phone, at the pizza place, you know, you greet the customer, you make sure that they’re aware of any thing you’re trying to push, you know, they you take their order, you know, buy or get their phone number, take their order, get there, make sure their addresses, right, and then you’re gonna upsell them on whatever they got and make sure that that average ticket goes up, right? Of course. So I started to think about like, how do you do that efficiently. And so when I got working in a call center, I started designing troubleshooting flows for high speed internet. And that kind of prepped me for my career change into my for my last job that I will ever have, which was at a company called Infusionsoft, which is now keep, and it’s basically a CRM and a marketing automation software for business owner. So what that means is, it’s like a database, restore all your customers information, what they purchased, any notes and activities that you might have had interactions with those customers, and basically, the system that you use to market to them. So this is as simple as somebody filling out a contact us form on your website, in addition to, you know, them placing their first order, you’re going to design all the emails, all the text messages that they’re going to get, etc.

John Rayyan  3:47

Well, so did you get majority of your learning experience through working at Infusionsoft?

Kelsey Bratcher  3:54

I got, I was able, I would say, so like, it’s weird, because my first foray into automation was back when I was in high school, and there was I used to play a lot of computer games. And I, I hated the call it grinding where you have to go and do the same thing over and over and over again, to get you know, in game money, or items or whatever experience. And so I botting, which is you, you know, write a script for your character to follow along and go kill this monster and pick up this item. And do that forever until I tell it to stop. Right. So it was like my first experience in into the like concepts of automation was all learned from being a video game. And then I’ve just taken that kind of information and applied it to, you know, the businesses that I was familiar with at the time, but also, I don’t know the thousands of different small business owners that I’ve talked to over the years, from real estate to chiropractic to lawyers, to ecommerce information marketers, all kinds of different small businesses, and the different principles that can be applied across the board.

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