Sabatino grew up in the Bronx and started working at a Pizza Shop by the age of 16. He was trained under the stern guidance of Pizza Chefs John and Cosimo Tiso. Yes, for almost 8 years Sabatino worked at and managed the World Famous Louis and Ernie’s Pizzeria in the East Bronx. After that he moved to Charleston, South Carolina and turned a then turned a bankrupt pizzeria into a cash cow. Yes, Sabatino’s Pizza in Charleston has become a destination for tourists looking for the most authentic NYC Pizza down South.

Now, with the help of his talented team at Sabatino Consulting, he aims to help existing Pizzerias get better or to help start up Pizzerias get off to a fast start. Sabatino’s twenty four years of experience in the Pizza industry, both owning and operating his own Pizzeria for nine years, and consulting on Pizza start ups in America, Europe and Asia has prepared him to help others with any Pizza related challenge.

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