Brad Sterl is the man behind the Rustic Crust frozen flatbread pizzas you see in your grocery store’s frozen food department. Rustic Crust is a New Hampshire bakery specializing in all natural, Old World crusts and flatbreads. Founded in 1996 as Ever Better Eating. Rustic Crust offers a variety of ready-made crusts and frozen topped flatbread pizzas each crafted with dough formed by hand, allowed to slowly ferment, double proofed and baked in custom ovens for rich flavor. Rustic Crust offers 5 varieties of pizza crusts including Cheesy Herb, Tuscan Six Grain, Ultimate Whole Grain, Classic Sourdough and Italian Herb. Their selection of flatbread pizzas includes Cheese and Vine Ripened Tomato, Ultimate Cheese and Herb, Basil Pesto, and Roasted Red Pepper.


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