As November is almost upon us, that means that we’re getting close to the biggest sale day of the year: Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is when businesses of all sizes turn up the deals, so you need to figure out how you’re going to capitalize on it as well.

Fortunately, direct mail is one of the options. Compared to digital alternatives like sponsored ads or email marketing, direct mail has a much higher return on investment. Even better, most consumers react more positively to direct mail than digital ads.

A huge reason for the high ROI on direct mail is that it’s much easier for customers to understand and recall a piece of physical mail. The fact is that we’re bombarded with digital images and text all the time. These days, going old-school is the perfect way to stand out.

So, with that in mind, we want to share some key tips on how to make sure that your direct mail campaign is a winner for Black Friday. Whether you’ve utilized direct mail marketing before or it’s your first time, this opportunity should command your full attention.

How to Create a Direct Mail Campaign for Black Friday

Although your direct mailers are going to have a leg up on digital advertisements, you still have to compete with other businesses in a customer’s mailbox. Here are our top tips for creating the ultimate Black Friday marketing blitz.

Start Early

Ideally, you’ll get the jump on Black Friday deals by thinking about the campaign months before. However, even if you’re in November already, there’s still time to make it work.

There are a few reasons why you want to give yourself as much lead time as possible.

  • Competition: you need to figure out what deals and sales your competitors are offering so that you can determine the best approach.
  • Designing and Printing: Black Friday can be the best day of the year for your business, so you need to make sure that your mailers look good. You need time to run multiple tests to see which fonts, colors, and images have the best impact.
  • Pre-Black Friday Sales: while the day itself is huge for shoppers, more and more people are looking to avoid crowds. Sending mailers early in the month can draw attention and send customers your way before things get crazy.

Go Big

Black Friday is like the Superbowl for retailers and businesses, meaning that it’s the one day for larger-than-life deals. In many cases, shoppers are expecting to find the best sales – ones that would otherwise be impossible for the rest of the year.

Simply put, your marketing message needs to be as bold as possible. Now is not the time to roll out a loyalty campaign (buy five products, get the sixth free!) or incremental discounts. You want to create a deal that will spur customers to come to your storefront. Remember, most retailers are going all-out on Black Friday, so if you’re not willing to do the same, you’ll be missing potential sales.

Also, your mailer itself should be bigger and bolder than other ones you’ve sent in the past. Utilize festive imagery and colors to accentuate the holiday. Increase your font sizes. Make your colors clash. Add some texture to the mailer. Test different options and see which elements make your ad really pop.

Finally, remember that your offer needs to be good for Black Friday only. While it’s tempting to extend it for a few days, the fact is that you want to drive traffic and grab attention. If customers can come to your store anytime, there is far less incentive to make the trip on Black Friday.

Be Direct

Overall, shoppers are looking for the best deals. Now is not the time to add flourishes and extra information to your mailers. Save those for other times of the year. Instead, you want to highlight the most valuable pieces of information, particularly if they are unique to the day.

For example, if you’re opening early, draw attention to your Black Friday hours. If you’re offering a considerable discount (i.e., half-off), make that take up most of the page. The best strategy is to wow them first and then provide details afterward.

Another thing to remember is that you want to highlight any rules or restrictions. You want to avoid crowds of angry shoppers who were expecting one thing and got another. For example, if you’re offering 50 percent of a particular product with another purchase, be sure to highlight that caveat in bold. This way, you can avoid confusion and create a more stress-free shopping experience.

Give Back

The holidays are always a time of giving, so now is when you should think about incorporating donations into your sales strategy. Not only can it help you feel good, but it will make shoppers take notice. Donating a portion of your Black Friday profits to a particular charity can make you stand out and will encourage customers to buy from you.

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