Cutting-edge Digital Marketing

Always Direct Marketing uses targeted, cutting-edge technology to get your name in front of your specific audience. We have a ready-to-go auto-pilot program, or you can pick specific digital marketing avenues below.

Always Direct Banner Network

If your company needs more people to simply be aware your name, we’ve found the fastest, cheapest solution: Online banner ads. These banners can show up anywhere from, a recipe website, or a fantasy football app – all determined by where your audience spends their time online. You pick the demographics, topics or keywords to trigger your ad. Additionally, you can choose the region it will show, so the plan can work for local, national and even international companies.

Social Media Marketing

We utilize the power of social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, to get your message in front of specific customers. You can pick zip codes, cities, ages, and buying habits, and your ads ONLY show to that segment.

Google and Facebook Advertising

Google and Facebook are the two most visited sites in the world. We know how to get your message in front of these users. Whether you need to hit mothers in a certain zip code, or men who like to golf in high-income areas, we can target them easily.

Email Marketing

Repeat business is immensely valuable. The cost of retaining a customer is always lower than getting a new one. Email marketing is an excellent way to stay top-of-mind with your customers. With so many people using smart phones, your e-mails are usually opened right away. And best of all, we can get great data – we know who opened your e-mail, when, and if they clicked on to your website. We also have excellent list providers so you can target specific audiences. We also can run campaigns to build your list organically. It can’t be easier to send e-mails. We design your e-mail template to match your brand. We then can send e-mails for you, or turn the keys over to your staff. List management is easy. Your list members can join and unsubscribe themselves. Our clients find e-mail marketing a cost-effective way to generate traffic and sales.

Text Marketing

Directly message your customers via text. The open rates are in the 90 percentile,  you can’t be missed. We help you send quick, simple and polite messages that feel like an added value to your customer.

Custom Website Design & Development

Your audience no longer accepts an outdated website. It’s time to show you are a professional, quality organization by properly tending to your website. Let Always Direct Marketing build a design that better speaks to your user and promotes your brand. We have over 15 years of experience building websites, from simple “brochure” websites to custom e-commerce applications. All our sites are built to be responsive, so the experience is the same whether on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. It also means you no longer have to manage a separate mobile site.